BROSCO Book of Designs 2023

Replacement Sash and Balances

Double-Hung Replacement Sash Kits

BROSCO's Replacement Sash Kits are ideal for double hung windows with worn out sash that do not operate smoothly, will not seal tight, have been painted shut, or are simply old and worn out. As long as the frame is solid and in good condition, the sash can be replaced without disturbing the frame or the original trim. Our Replacement Sash Kit includes a set of Low-E Insulated Glass with Argon Gas sash with tilt hardware applied, Block and Tackle balances and a weatherstripped head parting stop. All the windows shown are available in a variety of glazing options designed to meet your replacement needs.


From inside the house, Àrst measure the width of the window sash you are replacing. Measure from inside the window opening from jamb to jamb (wood to wood).

When replacing sash in homes built prior to 1978, please be aware of Lead-Safe practices.

Be sure to measure from the surface of one side jamb to the other, not from the stop or parting bead. To measure window opening height, lower the top sash a few inches and "thread" your tape measure between the sash.

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Tape measure must hit the point where the exterior of the bottom sash meets the sill.

Carefully measure the window height from the point where the top sash meets the head jamb to the point where the exterior of the bottom sash meets the sill.


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