BROSCO Book of Designs 2023


HOLLOW METAL DOORS Ceco Hollow Metal Doors are constructed using a Polystyrene Core – making them strong, quiet and 25% more energy-efficient than paper honeycomb core doors.

Ceco Flush Door 18 gauge Cold Rolled Steel 18 gauge Galvannealed (A60)

Ceco 6-Panel Embossed Door 18 gauge Galvannealed (A60)

Doors undersized 1/4" width 3/4" height

Polystyrene Core

Polystyrene Core

161 Prep Cylindrical

161 Prep w/Thru Bolts Cylindrical

Mortise Pocket Only 86 Edge

Mortise Pocket w/Function Holes 86 Edge

Template Required

Template Required


Rough Opening: Add 4-1/2" to door width Add 2-1/4" to door height

MASONRY - 16 gauge cold rolled or A60 galvanneal steel DRYWALL - 16 gauge standard cold rolled steel Provide jamb opening width x jamb opening height When labeled frames are required, advise rating 2" Face is standard. 4" Face can be furnished for standard masonry frames. Heads furnished less closer reinforcement, unless specified.

SU Series Masonry Frame (7/16" return with 5-3/4" depth)



SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Please specify or submit drawing. CUSTOM FRAMES: Available on special order DOOR INFORMATION – NOMINAL SIZE: Width and Height NET DOOR SIZE: 1/4" less than nominal width, 7/8" less than nominal height STOCK DOORS: Available with 161 prep, 86 edge prep, blank or blank with reinforcement for rim panic hardware LABEL REQUIREMENTS: Specify when required for use with Fire Exit Hardware CLOSER

Rough Opening: Add 2" to door width Add 1" to door height

DU Series Drywall Frame

Rough Opening: Add 2" to door width Add 1" to door height

REINFORCEMENTS: All doors are closer reinforced CUSTOM DOORS: Available on special order.

DC Series Trimmed Opening

Specify sizes, gauge, hardware type and locations. Templates required.


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